For a relaxing introduction to the world of Canoeing

The beauty of open boat canoeing, or Canadian canoeing as it is also referred to, is that it’s a very accessible activity for both young and old alike. Often referred to as the purist form of water travel, it was invented by the Native American Indians as a way of using the natural highway of rivers and lakes to move people and equipment quickly and fairly safely  throughout the wild areas of the United States.

Enjoy canoeing as a family activity or an individual , again through modern equipment and shaping methods canoeing has become a much safer and relaxed way of exploring our beautiful local river systems, as well as wonderful Lough Talt, Temple House lake or Lough Easkey.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the open water, while relaxing in the surrounding scenic beauty. There really is something special about being out on an open water, taking in the unique views of surrounding mountains that simply are not available or experienced from the land. Discover the delights of what South Sligo has to offer in a safe enjoyable way.